Each of our patients is unique. Unique needs. Unique concerns. Unique priorities. Our practice offers all of the services you would expect from a competent, lifetime oral health partner. If you have any questions about any of the services below, please give us a call.

dental implant surgery

Dental Implants

Today, a revolutionary alternative to dentures is a dental implant. To fill the gap from a missing tooth, we sink a permanent anchor down into the gum and then securely place a beautiful replica (a crown) of the original tooth on top.

porcelain veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Placing porcelain veneers on discolored, chipped or uneven teeth is a great way to create a natural beautiful smile. You can count on the fact that veneer laminates are typically long lasting, ultra thin and custom designed to perfectly fit your teeth.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns, sometimes called "caps," preserve the functionality of damaged teeth. Crowns are used to restore functionality of a tooth with excessive decay, protect a cracked or broken tooth, or replace an existing crown.

restorative dentistry broken tooth

Restorative Dentistry

The term "Restorative Dentistry" refers to the procedures and treatments for restoring your natural teeth that may have become decayed, damaged, or lost. Many restorative treatment options exist that may be implemented, depending on your unique needs.

bonding tooth dentistry


Bonding is a quick and painless process that can restore the beauty of your smile through the application of a thin resin over stained, chipped and cracked teeth. The resin used in this process not only enhances a smile but it strengthens teeth.

natural color fillings broken tooth

Natural-colored Fillings and Restorations

Despite the fact that you may, like most people, have had some tooth decay, it doesn’t have to look like it when you open your mouth. One of the most basic and aesthetic procedures we perform in our office is to fill cavities with long-lasting tooth-colored materials in lieu of metal alloys.

bridges teeth crowns


Missing teeth used to be a lifelong problem. Now that natural-looking porcelain bridges are an option, we can fill gaps with permanent, beautiful replacement teeth.

intra-oral camera

Intra-oral Camera

With the use of a miniature camera that is capable of capturing color images inside your mouth, you will see exactly what is being done during an office visit on an overhead monitor. By being able to view the problems in your mouth, you can be more aware and involved in your treatment plan.

hygenists ultrasonic high technology

Ultrasonic Scaler

Our hygienists use an ultrasonic scaling device that emits a very controlled, high-pressure stream of water to remove plaque from your teeth. Faster and far more comfortable than traditional methods of cleaning teeth, you’ll be sold the first time you visit one of our hygienists.